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The Most Popular GPTs in the OpenAI GPT Store

The Most Popular GPTs in the OpenAI GPT Store

The GPT Store is not just a marketplace but a showcase of the innovation that AI is bringing to our digital lives. Let's continue to explore these groundbreaking tools that have captured the attention of the community since the store launched on January 10, 2024.

What are GPTs?

Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) have revolutionized the field of artificial intelligence. These advanced models, developed by OpenAI, use deep learning techniques to generate human-like text based on the input they receive. Their versatility and efficiency have led to a wide array of applications, from content creation to complex problem-solving.

The Variety of GPTs in the OpenAI Store

The OpenAI GPT Store is a treasure trove of more than 3 million innovative GPTs, each offering unique capabilities. From creative tools to practical business solutions, the diversity of GPTs available caters to a broad spectrum of needs and industries. The current categories in the GPT Store are:

  • DALL·E
  • Writing
  • Productivity
  • Research & Analysis
  • Programming
  • Education
  • Lifestyle

The 12 Most Popular GPTs in the OpenAI Store

It's still too early to tell exactly what information OpenAI will reveal about GPT usage and popularity. The company currently shares very limited information. However, the OpenAI has published a list of the most popular GPTs.

The 12 most popular GPTs in the OpenAI Store as of January 13, 2024 are:

  1. Consensus
  2. Ai PDF
  3. Grimoire
  4. Canva
  5. AskYourPDF Research Assistant
  6. Logo Creator
  7. WebPilot
  8. DesignerGPT
  9. ScholarAI
  10. GPT Finder22,500+ Best Custom GPTs
  11. VideoGPT by VEED
As of January 13, 2024, these are the 12 most popular GPTs in the GPT Store (source: OpenAI)


Consensus is a helpful scientific research assistant. The GPT's primary task is to answer questions, draft content, and conduct research by searching for and synthesizing insights from research papers relevant to your queries. Consensus utilizes the API to find the most pertinent and recent scientific papers, focusing on abstracts and key findings to provide you with accurate and concise information.


Ai PDF GPT is a specialized artificial intelligence designed to excel in handling and analyzing PDF documents. As a unique type of GPT, its primary function is to assist users in processing and understanding the contents of PDFs, making it an invaluable tool for researchers, students, legal professionals, and anyone dealing with extensive or complex documents.


Grimoire is a specialized GPT, tailored for the intricate and evolving world of programming. With an expertise in coding and a knack for solving complex coding puzzles, Grimoire is designed to assist both seasoned developers and aspiring coders alike.


Canva is a specialized GPT tailored for facilitating creative design using Canva's platform. Designed to assist users in turning their visions into beautifully crafted designs, Canva combines the power of AI with the simplicity and elegance of Canva's design tools.

AskYourPDF Research Assistant

AskYourPDF Research Assistant is a specialized version of ChatGPT designed to assist with tasks related to academic research and document management. The GPT's capabilities include writing AI-generated essays with proper references and citations, citing pre-written texts or articles, and efficiently extracting information from PDF documents.

Logo Creator

Logo Creator is a specialized GPT designed to assist users in developing unique and professional logos. Equipped with a deep understanding of design principles and user requirements, Logo Creator excels in transforming ideas into visual identities.


WebPilot is a specialized GPT designed to excel in two core areas: web content navigation and long-form content creation. With a focus on accessing web pages, PDF files, and data, WebPilot is adept at gathering and synthesizing information from a variety of online sources.


DesignerGPT is a specialized GPT model, meticulously developed for generating HTML web pages in response to user requests. With a keen focus on web design, DesignerGPT transforms ideas into visually appealing and functional website designs.


ScholarAI is a specialized GPT designed to proficiently navigate the vast world of scientific and academic research. As an adept digital assistant, ScholarAI is particularly tailored for researchers, academics, students, and anyone in need of in-depth, scholarly insights.

GPT Finder

GPT Finder is an enthusiastic and proactive assistant specializing in presenting the latest GPT technologies. GPT Finder's primary task is to offer users the latest 10 GPTs available, complete with brief introductions and links for each. GPT Finder is dedicated to providing personalized recommendations based on user preferences, regularly updating its database with new GPTs, and verifying the legitimacy and security of the websites it recommends.

22,500+ Best Custom GPTs

22.500+ Best Custom GPTs is a specialized assistant designed to help users find the top 10 best GPTs for their specific needs. 22.500+ Best Custom GPTs performs a targeted search on the OpenAI website to extract and present the most relevant GPTs based on the user's query.

VideoGPT by VEED

VideoGPT by VEED is a specialized AI designed for guiding users through the exciting journey of video project creation. As an expert in conceptualizing video themes and details, VideoGPT excels in transforming ideas into vivid video project outlines. Users seeking to create short, engaging videos find VideoGPT particularly valuable.

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